Precision operations, for the finest product.

Since moving our operations in 2011, we’ve been rebuilding from the ground up. For us, it’s about doing what it takes to get it right. It has taken both time and a willingness to invest in capabilities, but it’s given us one of the most advanced production facilities in the industry.

State-of the-art flexibility. We’ve invested heavily in specialized equipment to ensure the highest production standards: in quality, efficiency, and hygiene. We’ve even searched out best-in-class technology from other industries and adapted it to our needs—giving us technology that exists nowhere else in our industry.


Unlike many in the industry, our facility was not designed for one thing, but for everything. We may have the only plant in the US that can deliver as many formats, from fresh and packaged to frozen, baked or raw. What’s more, we continue to make additions as demand evolves.

R&D-driven. Our research and development lab is the heart and soul of our operations, with daily, rigorous tests, measurements and controls that put science to work for the art of baking. In the lab, sophisticated analytical instruments—from a texture analyzer to a pH meter—measure everything from the dough’s gluten structure, to the sugar content of fillings, to the shelf life of the finished products.